About Us

We are living in an economy that makes it harder to keep on advertising with the big guns.  You need to tighten up everything, streamline this, cut back on that, and then your advertising budget stand in front of you and you need to lay him off.  Poor thing.  He worked so hard for you for the past few months and now he needs to be retrenched.


Advertising with ABCAds is just as the name call it … ABC … Easy, Affordable, Effective Advertising.

Call us today at www.abcads.co.za  and stand a chance of getting discounted a further 10% for just supporting us.

WOW. Easy, Affordable, Effective!

What about that does not sound fabulous.  Come on in.  We call on you to streamline your budget, and to keep employing your Advertising.  Its the only way to still getting leads the easy way.  Period.  ABCAds, we keep you informed, and we keep you in front of your next Customer.  Advertising with us is as ABC is for the Alphabet.  Without it your business will sink in the big blue ocean.

Your Advertising budget can now work for you, instead of you working for it.

Advertise and change your budget today.  Change today to be more successful tomorrow.  Change to ABCAds.

Keep us informed of changes you would like.  If something does not work, or you would like to change a form, or your profile or ad-spce, just call us and we can accommodate your requests, as good as we can and as good as the Website allow us.  We are here for you.  This is not just another advertising Directory.  We do market our page very vigorously and we make sure you get the exposure you need on one page.  You don’t have to submit to hundreds of directories anymore. Stop wasting time and start employing us.  ABCAds.  How can we help you? Talk to us.

If you get stuck, just drop us a mail to info@abcads.co.za