How ABCAds Works

ABCAds is an Affiliate of ABC4U.  We believe in Advertising That Really Works.  We create Advertising that makes an Impact.

We have different Advertising Space for you from Classified Ads to Monthly Sponsored Ads.  You Choose and You Pay as You Go.  You only pay when your ad is running actively. 

Our Community of 10 Websites and advertising and Social Media Postings see around 200,000 people a month, which might sound like a little, but we can assure you, your ads and media are in good hands.  We make deals happen, and it is in our best interest to make your next campaign work, because we get paid to do so.

Our ranges of Advertising Includes, but is not limited to:

1 – Weekly / Monthly Classified Ads:

        1.1 Free Ads                              R Free P.M.

        1.2 Bump-Up Ads                      R   75.00 P.M.    

        1.3 Top Ads (Per Category)      R 225.00 P.M.    

        1.4 Home Page Gallery Ads      R 775.00 P.M.    

        1.5 Category Gallery Ads          R 525.00 P.M.    

2 – Monthly Sponsored Ads                  R Quote Per Ad Placed

3 – Monthly Sponsored Community Ads   R Ask Us About This Option

Also Remember you have these Listing, which will be your Ads, from which you can choose.  Then you have Membership OPTIONS WHICH GIVES YOU Multiple Placement Options.  Please Speak to one of our Consultants if you have any Questions on

Here is How it works!

1 – You Click on this Link – Website Home Page

Your Login / Register Procedure:

On the Top Right side of the Home Page is a Button   Login / Register.  Click on Register and follow the next Page Prompts for completing your Personal Details.

You will be asked to complete your personal details and your Email + Username + Password is very Important, so keep it nearby.  Then towards the mid-section of that page you will be asked to choose a Membership Option.

Membership Options is:

You pay a certain amount for certain Listings, but then that listing / Ad have a certain position and frequency on which it appears and it will be visible for the public, as on any other Advertising Board or Page.  You pay more for getting more views, Your Placement and Your Frequency.  That is how advertising works.

Now for the Membership Package you can always take the free one, we don’t mind.  You however will still pay for the Listings except the free listings off course.

If you choose the Payable Membership though, you pay a certain amount for a certain coverage.  If you for example choose the Standard Advertiser Package for 60 days, you still do your Listings / Ads, but we will distribute it on more Advertising Platforms and you wil get even more coverage for your Advertisement.  There is also Benefits on each Package as described here below.

1 – Free Advertiser Membership for 12 Months, after which it will renew automatically.

Benefits –           1 – Unfortunately This Option is Standard.

2 – Basic Advertiser Membership for 90 Days.  This option will not renew automatically, so if you only want to use this page like one or two times, this is a very good option to choose.  Or you will need to renew it after 30 days.

Benefits –          1 – Your Ad get Placed on 5 of our Community Websites

                        2 – Your Ad get Placed on 5 other Ads Directories

                        3 – Your Ad get Placed on Social media Ads as well on

                             different Social Groups, Only Related to your Target


3 – Standard Advertiser Membership for 180 days.  This Option gives you the ability to do a 60 days Ad Campaign and Renew afterwards if you like.

Benefits –          1 – You get Placed on 10 of our Community Websites

                        2 – You get Placed on 10 other Ads Directories

                        3 – You get Placed on Social media Ads as well on different

                             Social Groups, Only Related to your Target Audience.

4 – You get Placed in Forums where your Content will be

      relevant and we have an Audience for your Content.

After this Selection you chose, you click Register left Bottom and “Wholla” … You can Place Ads.

Also Remember you can read this page by Clicking on “How ABCAds Works”, on the Homepage Menu.                             

Read Carefully through the How it Works Page and Understand your Placement Configurations.  If you have a problem signing in or placing ads please call us on

Follow the Ads Listing Pages Format and Submit your Information.

1 – Under Ad New Post / Ad, Enter title here, Enter your Heading of your Ad.

2 – Then You Enter your Body Text of your Ad.

3 – Then you Enter your Listing Details.

4 – Then you Submit or Upload your Pictures, Images.

5 – Then Lastly you make sure your Details and Contact Details are Correct and You Save Your Ad.

6 – On the Righthand Side you click your Advertisment’s Category and you can select a Featured Image.

7 – Then Top right you Click Publish.

8 – Click the Publish / Submit Button and There you go, Your Ads are Live.

Remember any Ad Placed will have a Validation and Approval Time before it goes live.  We as Admins Validate and Approve all ads as it is Placed and it will then have a Period of between 2 and 3 Hours before it goes Live.

Most of the times your Ad will go Live immediately except if there is a problem that we will confirm and sort out with you.

We wish you Happy Advertising with ABCAds.

It’s Affirmative, We Improve Brands to Transform Industries, (Nations).